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Tina Seelig. InGenius:

Tina Seelig. InGenius:

A Crash Course on Creativity

Creativity. A word traditionally associated with artists, inventors, writers and entertainers.
Seldom does the word bring to mind any professions outside the scope of the Arts and Humanities spectrum.

Professor Tina Seelig of Stanford University who heads the Department of Engineering hasn’t only found a way to incorporate Creative thinking in the way she teaches and equips her students, she also lives by it.

How has she done it? Well, by simply re-defining it or contextualizing it to its’ fundamental use.

Creativity is essentially a skill that we can all acquire that equips us to be more imaginative, innovative and ingenious when the occasion requires and it is not, contrary to belief, just a gift some of us are born with.

Don’t take my word for it, besides being an award winning educator, Tina Seelig is an international best-selling author who has put her theory to the test by working with some of the business world’s brightest who work for Google and IBM to name just a few.

Being that she is an educator, this book clearly communicates her ideas with educational illustrations that are pleasantly pragmatic about how to practically implement ways of thinking such as framing your questions correctly in order to come up with effective solutions.

This book is sure to inspire you out of your rut as you try to come up with ways to approach the different problems we all face as we try to come to terms with living life under the new normal.

Makes for exciting times!

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