Earthguard | Environmental Services
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Environmental Services

Environmental and Social services

Wetland delineation and assessments

The specialist assessments attempt to determine the level of importance of the services and value of the wetlands. This is done in order to provide means by which to better manage the wetlands. Wetland delineation and assessments are undertaken through the determination of present ecological status, ecological importance and sensitivity evaluations, and wetland rehabilitation planning using packages that include Wet-Health, Wet-EcoServices, and Wet-RehabEvaluate.

Fauna and Flora assessments

Fauna surveys are conducted to obtain information about the terrestrial fauna present within the site and its immediate surrounds using a range of survey techniques. Flora surveys record the plant species present at a particular site. During development, fauna and/or flora survey may be required to be undertaken where there is likely to have an impact on the sites landscape (i.e. vegetation removal etc.).

Alien vegetation Management and Clearing

To manage alien and invasive plant species through the implementation of an alien invasive species management and control programme that includes different forms of clearing techniques. Earthguard has undertaken a number of alien and invasive plant species eradication projects using various techniques.

Permitting and Compliance

Water Use Licence Applications .Water Use Licence Audits .Environmental Authorisation (EIA, BA). Environmental Management Programme (EMPr).

Desktop surface water studies (including desktop aquatic studies)

A desktop surface water study is undertaken to identify potential impacts associated with a proposed development on nearby surface water resources including rivers and wetlands. Desktop Aquatic biomonitoring is a method of assessing river health via existing data sources on population levels of certain aquatic organisms.

Environmental and social screening

Environmental and social screening is an essential and primary step in the assessment of environmental and social risks and impacts of proposed activities. The process of screening identifies the key aspects that may need to be further examined and managed. The screening process involves professional judgment on a case-by-case basis. While screening is designed to be a quick and high-level review, the professional will need to exercise careful consideration of the potential environmental and social risks and impacts associated with the proposed activities.

Environmental Control Officer (ECO)

We can provide clients with experienced ECOs, to ensure that environmental authorisation (EA) and Environmental related licence conditions are implemented and monitored.


Safety Officers

Safety officers are specifically provided to assist companies manage compliance with South African legislation and to facilitate the development, implementation and maintenance of a Safety, Health and Environment management system.